Giant iceberg is a step of breaking celebrity sex tape the Antarctic

A huge crack in one of the five largest ice shelf in Antarctica has grown significantly in the last seven days, a step of causing a gigantic iceberg.

According to a report by scientists on Wednesday, the crack in the ice shelf Larsen C increased by 17 km between 25 and 31 May - the biggest increase since January. Thus, only 13 kilometers of ice prevent the block of 5,000 m² pops the Idol Adult continent and become one of the ten largest icebergs in the world.

"The tip of the crack appears to have significantly facing the front of the platform, indicating that the time of the break is probably very close," they said in a statement the scientists Midas Project at the University of Swansea, Wales, which monitors crack through satellite images and radar.

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According to British researchers, when the iceberg hold the Larsen C platform will lose more than 10% of its area and will have the largest decline ever recorded. The detachment of the block of ice will fundamentally change the landscape of Antarctica, and the new environmental setting will be less stable.

As the block of ice float, it should not cause an increase in sea levels - however, future disruptions caused by the detachment can lead to thawing of glaciers and, as the water of the latter are integrated into the seas, can lead to increased level.

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Ice floating platforms at sea, at the end of glaciers, with a thickness of hundreds of meters. Because they are not on earth, pieces can break off. Scientists fear that the loss of these platforms around the continent allow in future internal glaciers not move faster towards the sea, as temperatures rise due to climate change.

The researchers have been following the crack in Larsen C for many years. In recent months, however, they have to watch her carefully because of collapses of ice shelves Larsen A in 1995, and Larsen B in 2002.

According to scientists, the phenomenon that can lead to rupture of the iceberg is not climate, but geographical. It is likely that climate change will have anticipated the breakup, but may not be the cause of the phenomenon.

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