He answered a question from a user on Twitter. Spencer celebrated the launch on your page when you received the message to "bring the service to Brazil." The executive said: "We must get to the end of the year at the latest.".

The Xbox Game Tube Sex Pass begins with over 100 games by $ 9.99 monthly. In addition, you can test it for 14 days before starting to subscribe to the service. The IGN Brazil sought the press office of Microsoft Brazil, who said he does not have information about the service in the country.

The Xbox Game Pass can be described as a "games Netflix", with the difference that, instead of streaming, games are downloaded directly to the HD console.

As the official service announcement, the games offered will be rotating, with news coming in and out of the platform monthly. Remember that after you download the game, the consumer needs to service the subscriber to continue playing. "If your subscription expires or is canceled, any game downloaded by Xbox Game Pass will not be available for use. However, all the progress and achievements will remain attached to your account. And all the games you buy in the digital store Xbox They will stay in your game library unless you delete them manually "

With 1 mm thinner and 20 grams lighter, the internal memory and decided to eat more now with twice the space. There are 64 GB and 4 GB of RAM , 1 GB extra compared to the previous model. The processor also receives improvements and is the Snapdragon 626, a tiny evolution 625. Small, only 10% compared to the Snapdragon 625, but delivers the possibility of Bluetooth 4.2 and USB 3.0 (which in Moto Z2 Play uses USB-C) input.

The look of the phone is almost unchanged from the front side, with the same 5-megapixel front camera, but the rear has been improved. Now with f / 1.7, the same Moto Z 12 megapixel sensor with handles better images in low light. He received improvements also in the way the focus is done, accelerating the process.

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