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Sexy woman curve

A woman's body, the sexy animal can usually attract a man. A University of Leeds study found that customers tend to cause enthusiasm, open and ready to test the new housing. Science is the biological hips, a symbol of fertility of women, so there must be a large hips the natural instinct of the strong.
Female body fat

A 2013 study

. Therefore, despite the large chest to give them some sensitivity than small breast, but people are clever, they can know how to get what we want our love, can help clear the object of marriage or playing in the street, because the survey also found that men want to get married and have children to attract large breast.

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Female height and modesty.

Can you and your height of inferiority, but don't give up your hope, because this is your advantage in life. Researchers say their children have a lower center of gravity is low, so the ability to maintain a balance, it will be good. Flexibility in height and because of the terrain. So, they can enjoy life is diversity, there are a lot of new experiences.
High foot long woman

That person - according to genetic scientist James Watson was awarded the Nobel prize, women enjoy sex story fat than lean women. Scientists believe that the class of female body fat percentage and their sexual ability, the reason is because the fat in the body to promote the production of endorphin, is the hormone that stimulates libido. Women have three budding is also considered the quality of a man's wife, mother, ideal.
Thin woman

Thin woman no sexual impulse endorphin should be low. However, according to the survey, your wings beard revealed that they felt "show off" better woman, thon around the waist three thin, but also especially attractive point.
A small chest of a woman
Although women have breasts, but small breast will help you to enjoy this "satisfactory reason sublimation, small chest is more sensitive than the big tits, so they are easily excited from the screen.
Chest big woman

The tall woman's feet long to attract a man's attention, so many people envy. According to the study, long legs, a healthy body, however, if your legs are too long, become a bad in bed, because they are not smart, flexible. Long legs for processing these poses difficult, easy tired, sometimes even embarrassing situation, if lower than their too many people.

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