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1. Blink of an eye

This exercise is pretty simple, most of us are already doing in a natural way. But now,

, let's focus on the truly open and closed eyelids, the blink of an eye will help secrete tears, rinse eyes and relax the muscles of the eye. You blink about 20 times.

2. Eyes

This will probably be rude when you perform in front of others, especially when you are talking, but it is very good exercise when in private. You take advantage of the time to the far side for may, according to the island clockwise for 10 laps, then reversed again, similarly, also 10 times. You repeat the whole 3 times.

3. Look at near, far

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This is a very unique useful exercises for the eyes. You sit in where to look near as well as far. First, you focus looked near, probably stare at his nose about 10 seconds, then look out the truth as far as possible, also focused in 5 seconds. You repeat the entire 5 times, and then the eye relaxation guaranteed.

4. horizontal View

You focus on the movement of their eyes, look to the left as possible, using both eyes, keep within 3 seconds, then look to the right as far as possible, also with both eyes, keep within 3 seconds. You repeat the entire total of 10 times. This exercise is very good for the muscles of the eye, should also make sure to relax your eyes then.

5. Thai Ocean

Thai Duong by using your thumb, create resources for under 10 rounds clockwise, then reversed again, also 10 laps, and repeat the whole 3 times. You don't create too much power because the main aim at the moment is simply to relax the facial muscles. You do the same in between the two eyebrows, and in 2 lateral nasal.

These exercises are a great way to relax the facial muscles, and the eye exercises to improve vision, bright eyes in veo, please enlist every day!

Two eye-rich hard hands, the vision is one of the most precious things, gives us the ability to observe, to enjoy the world around them. However for many reasons, whether they like it or not, this senses tends to diminish over time, even from a very young age, life is still very long but many people's eyes were weak, aging , look no longer clear as worthy.

Wear glasses or surgery is the most common measures to help restore the clearer, but besides that there are also simple, cheaper, less risky than you can do at any time and any where to the eye more light, improving eyesight a lot:

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